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Dios!, nunca pensé que haria tanto estando aburrida. Navegando por mis carpetiñas me encontre con todas estas fotos que al pasar por photoshop salieron asi x). Los iconos de What A Catch, Donnie pensaba postearlo junto a otros iconos de más videos, pero bleh... :)
(I am sorry for written this post in spanish , but my english is getting worst T_T)


-What a Catch, Donnie (Fall Out Boy)
-Kings Of Leon (mostly Caleb)

-Kings Of Leon
-Brand New
-Gabe Saporta
-Adam Lazzara♥
-misc. (Frank Iero & William Beckett)

Katy Perry @ EMAs 2009



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I’d like to be a note the kind you could sing but don’t because you’re shy...

OH-MY-GOD o.o, since I started the school I do not have life , I do not have photoshop, I do not have time. I spent all my day doing those icons 'cause I know that I'll never have a free time :S. anyways I'm not conceited (a new word that I just learned d:) but I love my new icons. Especially the icons from "Sink Into Me", I mean, I love that video, I'm a biggest fan of Taking Back Sunday, so they are my favorite (:.

Sink Into Me - Taking Back Sunday [x10]
Gerard Way @ Safe and Sound video [x6]


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